Directory Of National Registers Of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

In centuries past, farming practices were sedimentary for generations. Once you knew how to farm there was no more to learn. This situation was replicated across a wide wealth of environments, ship building, medicine, architecture and so on.

Yet science and innovation occurs at such a speed these days that what you learned and applied to tasks for the last ten years could well be extinct unless you undertake Continuing Professional Development on a yearly basis.

To ensure you are on top of your trade and are made full aware of all the latest techniques, operations and rules CPD can fill in the gaps and take your education and knowledge to a new level and not just merely up to date. Which is why the directory of national registers of continuing professional development exists. Most professional sectors require their participants and colleagues to operate under the latest guidelines, new statutes, new financial laws and in other trades too, advances in farming, plumbing and surveying.

What was once termed a refresher course, it has now developed into a whole new sphere of continued learning. The sectors which this process of continuing professional development is essential is far reaching.

In the police force, while men on the ground do not need to know the ins and outs of every law, learning them over time assists in the job. Laws are forever changing so course on related incidents ad how to handle them offer new knowledge and ways to ensure your force operate within the law. Teacher too have an overwhelming responsibility to not only use the school curriculum as laid out by the government every few years, but also to operate outside the curriculum and offer new ways of learning. While the English language may not change, the requirements of business and CV correlation might.

The same with the sciences, mathematics, the arts. If a teacher can't teach about modern scientific development or the latest contemporary art, what use are they to the children they teach?

Which is why CPD is an enforced protocol of many trade bodies and organisations, with members being required to accumulate a certain amount of CPD on an annual basis. Teachers, farmers, police, doctors, nurses and other industry professionals like solicitors and Chartered Surveyors are all required to earn CPD points annually to ensure their knowledge is in keeping with current practices and the latest technical developments.