Is A School Or University Education Worthwhile?

There has been a distinct change in the culture of learning and education over the last few decades. It is not nearly enough to simply ascertain a grade of learning or a pass in a skill from the second you leave school. There has also been a ground swell by business and corporations against the current curriculum and even getting a degree doesn't guarantee you job security any more.

So what's happened? If attending a form of higher education doesn't guarantee you a job, having spent twenty plus years in education and maybe five to ten years longer than another applicant. I s there any reason to have taken that path in the first place?

I don't think there is a correct straight answer to that question. Years ago the answer would have been a resounding yes but today, technological advances and computer advancement happen at such speeds that keeping up while studying old formats and trends is difficult.

Some would suggest that an apprenticeship may be a better form of education for the majority or the system which as was started under Labour, specific schools for specific trades. If there is a keen interest by an individual, a child or teenager can learn the basic subjects but focus more on a certain industry. Developing skills, learning, understanding and education from an earlier age than a current apprenticeship might offer.

Which is where Continuing Professional Development may became even more of a vital aspect to ongoing employment and sector training than it already is.

Continuing Professional Development In A Variety Of Work Places

Teachers, police and those in the medical fields have become adverse to training on the job. It's built into the spirit of their work, further learning and updating themselves on the knowledge capable to facilitate new medications for better recovery. Understanding the laws better or learning interpersonal skills for situations with the public and a better outcome and teachers, there's little point teaching science when you haven't updated your knowledge on LED capabilities etc.

The amazing thing is that CPD caught on to evolve into a more integral and noticeable collective of further education while in work, no matter your age. You can continue learning and in doing so create better standards at your own company, for the industry and most importantly raise your own prospects and employability.

School is far from dead but I think perhaps children know what they might be interested in from an earlier age than they are given credit for. Therefore occupational school curriculum's could end up being an additional CPD which could lead into an earlier apprentice placement with universities and other CPD methods finding their place as a great way of proliferating information while in the work place.