All About The CPD Certification Service

If you haven't heard about Continuing Professional Development then you have probably been self employed for two decades or simply working your way through various companies unaware of the need to learn further in your chosen field. However in most professional institutions and lines of work like that of a solicitor or doctor it is compulsory to seek out a certain amount of Continuing Professional Development hours of study per year.

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is an aspect of training that works within your chosen field of study or profession, enabling you to learn on a yearly basis all the most vital aspects and advances that have occurred in your niche. This will either cover recent technologies, new advances, new protocols and laws. Different ways of managing staff or government advice on how to deal with certain aspects of your business.

CPD may also feature agenda that are not directly associated with new techniques or advances. They could simply be training towards understanding another department's tasks, or further education in other connected knowledge based topics to help you deliver a better work rate or understanding in your current position.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Membership

The CPD Certification service can help you devise a course or training which will compliment your organisation or the field of technology science, law, medicine or science within which you work in. Those are just an handful of sectors, but there are many more including agriculture and computer technology.

CPD membership comes at a variety of levels with a differing amount of service and entitlement in return. You simply need to choose which level suits you best as a business or an individual which trains others.

The variety of grades range from Corporate Membership, Bespoke Membership, Charity Membership, Affiliate Organisation, Registered Presenter and One-off Certification. Each of the above enable a corporation or business to enter into an agreement to have x amount of submissions and accreditations per year. Within the CPD Certification Service you can also search CPD Certifications by industry. Energy, finance, public sector, human resources, healthcare and a vast amount of other sectors are all covered by predetermined case studies which are updated continually and offer on an annual basis.

Though most CPD certifications and accreditations are awarded to staff on a more personal basis and after completing in house programs especially tailored to that industry or corporation.